About GCR

Geneva Community Radio (GCR) is an independent, non-profit, community supported radio station located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of upstate New York.

Our ultimate goal is to build a low power FM (LPFM) radio station to better serve the community. We still believe in the power of radio, and its ability to serve the public interest, convenience, and necessity.

For now, though, we exist solely as an internet radio station. We feel that by broadcasting on the internet, we can lay the groundwork necessary to build community interest and support so that we will be ready to apply for, and ultimately construct, our new over-the-air radio station.

In 2013, Geneva Community Radio entered into a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Geneva. We moved our studio into the Geneva Community Center, and are currently working with area youth, and other members of the Geneva Community, to develop unique locally produced radio programs.

Geneva Community Radio offers an eclectic mix of music and spoken-word programming from a variety of independent producers, community radio stations, and public broadcasters from around the world.

You can be a part of this exciting radio station. To learn more, simply click on our "Get Involved" page.


Geneva Community Radio is a proud affiliate of StreamLicensing.com

Thanks for listening to and supporting independent community radio in the central Finger Lakes.