January 1, 2013

Schedule Changes

Happy New Year from all of us at Geneva Community Radio. The New Year is bringing a few changes to the GCR schedule. Here they are:

Soundscape 100 Ceases Production

The weekly pop music program from DW Radio has been cancelled. We regret this, as it was a truly unique program as far as pop music shows go. Unfortunately, it's out of our hands.

This will set in motion several schedule changes.

On Friday evenings, the lineup between 8 and 10 PM will look like this:

8:00 World in Progress
8:30 Pulse
9:00 The Treatment
9:30 The Business

World in Progress had been airing Sunday afternoons. Thus, a few changes to the Sunday schedule to avoid duplication, and to ensure diversity in our weekly schedule.

We are pleased to announce the addition of three short weekly magazines from UN Radio. Between 3:00 and 3:30 PM, we will air UN Calling Asia, UN and Africa, and Women, respectively. This will be followed by:

3:30 Dateline Pacific
4:00 The Shortwave Report
4:30 Voices of Our World

Lastly, a change to our block of media related shows. We've decided to try a new show during this block. Media Network Plus is a production of PCJ Media. We felt it would be a better fit with Glenn Hauser's World of Radio. We may consider expanding the media block in the future, at which time we could consider bringing back the International Radio Report, along with the possibility of adding one or two other shows we'd like to add.

As always, we'd like your feedback. Your input is critical when it comes to deciding what programs we air. Send us your feedback. Tell us what you want to hear (and even what you DON'T want to hear) on Geneva Community Radio.