November 4, 2014

More Bad News, But GCR Forges Ahead

To Our Listeners And Supporters.

After eight months of waiting for the FCC to rule on our Petition for Reconsideration, we received word on November 3rd that the petition has been denied. The commission strongly disagreed with the claims made by our engineering consultants. At this point, it appears that any hope of Geneva Community Radio obtaining a Low Power FM license, during this round of applications at least, is now gone.

Words cannot express the disappointment felt by everyone connected with the radio station. However, GCR remains committed to providing quality programming to a global audience on our webcast. As far as gaining access to a local radio frequency, we are determined to explore all paths to make this happen. Our next step is to try and reach out to other local broadcasters to determine if some kind of partnership could be developed to put some or all of GCR's programming on the local radio dial. Beyond that, we will look to the next opportunity to file a new application with the FCC, either for Low Power FM, or a "full power" Non-Commercial Educational (NCE) license. As of now, we know of no plans to open a filing window for either service anytime soon.

As always, watch this space for further updates.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support, as we remain determined to bring community radio to our region despite the obstacles placed in our path.

Jason Longwell
GCR Station Manager