February 6, 2014

GCR LPFM Application Dismissed by FCC

It is with deep regret that I must inform our listeners that our application for a new low power FM (LPFM) station to bring community radio to Geneva, NY has been dismissed by the FCC.

The reason for the dismissal has to do with spacing issues with a local FM translator station. Our consultants tell us this was the result of an error in the FCC database at the time our application was filed.

Currently, our consulting engineers are working on a Petition for Reconsideration, in hopes that our application will be reinstated.

If our Petition for Reconsideration is rejected, and the ruling is final, we intend to explore other options in order to get a new community radio service on the air.

At this time, I want to personally thank all of our supporters for sticking with us even through this hardship. I especially want to thank the staff and board of the Boys and Girls Club of Geneva for their willingness to continue pursuing this project.

As always, you can check this space for updates. As soon as we know more as to the next steps we will take, we will post that info here.

This isn't over yet!

Jason Longwell
Station Manager
Geneva Community Radio