November 30, 2012

FCC Announces New Filing Window for LPFM

As manager of Geneva Community Radio, I take great pride in telling you, our listeners and followers, that the moment we've been waiting for has finally arrived.

On November 30th, 2012, the FCC announced plans for a new filing window for LPFM stations, which will open in October of next year.

You can read a press release about this announcement from the Prometheus Radio Project by clicking here.

Okay. So, what now?

More than ever before, Geneva Community Radio needs YOUR support. When we say "support" we mean it in two ways.

!!!Host Your Own Radio Show!!!

We want to hear from YOU if you have an idea for a radio program. As a community radio station, GCR is open to all members of the Geneva community (and beyond). Unlike commercial radio, GCR doesn't have a predetermined format. We pride ourselves on offering programming that isn't typically found on the radio dial. We want our programmers to be original and creative, and for our programs to be unique and different. For it is this quality that will truly set GCR apart from the other stations in the region. To learn more about hosting your own show, click the Get Involved link on this site.

!!!Donate to GCR!!!

Geneva Community Radio is non-profit, non-commercial, and 100% community supported. FCC regulations forbid us from running conventional commercials (not that we would even if we could). And, unlike public radio stations, we receive absolutely no funding from the state or federal government. We truly are on our own here, folks. This is why your financial support is critical. And please, don't think that your contribution won't make a difference. It is that sort of mentality that holds community radio stations back. Consider this: If every resident of the city of Geneva gave just a few dollars, we would have the money necessary to build our new LPFM station just as soon as we are issued a construction permit. That's right, just a few dollars. Surely, even in these tough economic times, you could spare that much to bring innovative radio to this community, could you not? If you answered yes to that question, then go to the Donate page of this site to find out how you can support Geneva Community Radio. And, to all those who donate, we say THANK YOU!

Let's start building this brand new radio station, and bring community powered radio to Geneva and the central Finger Lakes.

Jason 'jake' Longwell
Geneva Community Radio