November 15, 2013

GCR announces changes to its Classical programming.

On Sunday, November 17th, changes will be made to Geneva Community Radio's Classical lineup.

These changes are being implemented for a combination of two reasons.

1). It was recently announced by WWFM, also known as The Classical Network, that the weekly Chamber music program Indivisible by Four with host Carl Hemmingsen would be cancelled. This has now come to pass. As always, Geneva Community Radio regrets the cancellation of such high quality programming. Unfortunately, budget cuts at WWFM have required that station to cut the number of specialty programs produced for syndication. This is a situation that is beyond Geneva Community Radio's control.

WWFM has offered a new program to Geneva Community Radio. Curtis Calls, which is also hosted by Carl Hemmingsen. This weekly program features recitals from faculty and students at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia. The show will air Wednesday afternoons at 3:00.

2). With the cancellation of Indivisible by Four and the addition of Curtis Calls, Geneva Community Radio re-evaluated the positions of all of its Classical programming. We will now schedule these shows by common theme wherever possible. For example, Monday afternoons will feature shows that concentrate on a particular instrument or group of instruments in the Classical realm. Thursday's offerings will now focus exclusively on the more contemporary aspects of Classical music, and a portion of Sunday's block will feature three hours of music from the Early, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. This block will include the programs Harmonia, Distant Mirror (now a one-hour program featuring Early and Renaissance music), and the new offering Tafelmusik, featuring an hour of pieces from the Baroque era.

We hope you will enjoy our new Classical music lineup. As always, your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Feel free to e-mail or call the station with your thoughts and ideas.

The program schedule page has been updated to reflect all of the changes.

Thank you for your continued support of Geneva Community Radio.