October 3, 2011

Station Down Due To Virus!

I regret to inform our listeners that Geneva Community Radio is off the air until further notice. The reason? We were hit with the OpenCloud AV rogue antivirus software. This infected our production and download computer, but, thankfully, NOT our streaming computer. I am, however, very wary of transferring files from our production computer to our streaming computer until the infection is cleared up. No need to infect both computers, right?!

Monday (10/3), a call will be made to a local computer tech to explain the seriousness of the situation. The people I do business with are reputable, and I am confident they will be able to get things back to normal. However, because they are basically the only computer repair shop in town, they may be backed up, and it may take several days before they can return the computer back to us, and we can get things back online again.

I want to thank everyone for their patience, and for their understanding. Believe me, this is extremely frustrating. But, it's all part of being on the internet.

Keep checking this blog for news on our return to the internet airwaves.



geon said...

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poni said...

Can you believe it that the whole station is down because of that vrus. They should explore the details before let that device in.

linda said...

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