November 2, 2011

Schedule Changes

Recently, GCR was notified in writing by Deutsche Welle Radio that several of their long-running programs would be cancelled as they make changes to their broadcasting strategy. We regret this situation as we have carried all of these programs since our inception nearly one year ago. Unfortunately, it is a situation that we have absolutely no control over.

The following programs are no longer offered by DW Radio:
Newslink/Newslink Plus
European Business Week
Arts on the Air
Inspired Minds

All other DW programs will remain on GCR at their usual times.

Naturally, this has forced us to make several schedule changes. All of these changes, including the addition of some new programs, are reflected in the updated program schedule on this website.

We do not anticipate any more schedule changes in the near future. As always, though, all programming on Geneva Community Radio may be subject to change at any time, for a variety of reasons.

We apologize for any inconvenience these unexpected schedule changes may have caused. Any questions or comments should be directed to, or by phone at 315-759-5178

Thanks for listening!


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