February 5, 2011

Big Changes at GCR

Geneva Community Radio is pleased to announce some changes that will make this radio station even better than before.

Effective immediately, we are using a new streaming platform. We are working with two companies. One is Listen2MyRadio.com, which hosts our Shoutcast server. The other is LoudCity.com, which provides a more accessible relay of our stream to a larger audience. Also, now that we are part of the LoudCity community, our music licensing fees are covered in our monthly subscription.

This new stream should provide higher sound quality, and more reliability than our previous platform. Let us know what you think of the new stream by sending us feedback. See our contact page for all the details.

Also, we have recently purchased a brand new computer that is to be used exclusively for the radio station. Up to now, we were using a computer that is bogged down with other programs, as it is mainly a PC for personal use. This new PC will be used only for streaming our broadcasts, and storing all of our programming, announcements, and so on.

We are happy to announce a new programming agreement with Deutsche Welle World, the external service of Germany's premier public broadcaster. We have added several of their programs already, with more to come in the future.

Lastly, and perhaps, most importantly, we now have a way for you to show your appreciation for our efforts in a monitary form. You can now make contributions to GCR via PayPal, or by check or money order. This is extremely important. Most of the above improvements cost money. Your support is critical to ensuring we can continue to improve and maintain this valuable resource in the community. Please see our donate page for further details. Thanks in advance for your support!


Ganva said...

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